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Grand Productions Presents

USO Show Troupe


America’s Heartland

A 75-year musical retrospect of America with songs of patriotism, faith, laughter & love! Singing songs made popular from the 1940's through today...

• Andrew Sisters

• Ella Fitzgerald

• Frank Sinatra

• Bing Crosby

• Bobby Darin

• Elvis Presley

• Aretha Franklin

• Stevie Wonder

• DonnaSummer

• Madonna

• Celine Dion

• Justin Timberlake

Support America! *Troupe Sizes from 4 to 36 performers


About The USO Show Troupe

The USO Show Troupe is part of an American tradition that goes back 75 years to its humble beginnings in the muddy camp shows of the South Pacific. With its global reach and exclusive access to military installations, the USO Show Troupe continues to set itself apart in the modern era.
In keeping with its outstanding entertainment legacy, the USO Show Troupe delivers best-in-class performances characteristic of the biggest names and productions in the industry. To meet the individual needs of each client, shows are individually customized by our acclaimed production team. The Troupe can perform in multiple group sizes ranging from 4 to 36 people.

USO Mission

The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation.


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