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Hunt For the Riches

Co-Brand with Jarrod & Brandi, stars of A&E's Hit Series “Storage Wars”money tree

Bring BIG excitement to your casino floor with this game show-style promotion, offering up big cash prizes.

Every mini “storage door” can be a winner, allowing up to 20 Players at a time OR one contestant who chooses the correct 3 of 20 storage lockers wins a big cash prize or the combination of the cash amounts contained in the 3 storage lockers. Game play is totally customizable with flexible prize structures based on your budget. Insured prizing is optional (i.e. $250,000 etc.)

This 30-Day Promotion allows daily/weekly chances for players to win cash and prizing, and then culminates with a Grand Prize Event hosted by Jarrod & Brandi (including meet-n-greet/photo opps).

Promotional Elements Include:

  • Co-brand with Jarrod & Brandi in your marketing campaign (use their name/images/likeness)
  • 9ft x 8ft Game Board…for 30 days
  • Advance Media/PR with Jarrod & Brandi
  • Grand Prize Event Hosted by Jarrod & Brandi
  • Meet-n-Greet / Photo Opps
  • (Big Chance/Insured Prizing optional)